What We Do


Noor Metal International Company, Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as one of the International Trading Company activating in Secondary & Primary Non- Ferrous Metals.
NMICO is established by Mr. Hokmollah Noori in 1975.
Noor Metal International is a customer focused, innovative solutions-driven company.
Combining proficiency with prompt service. NMICO’s brand indicates a mark of quality and strength. Cooperating in a closely manner with customers, there is a strong commitment to invest in long-term business relations to help developing new products and technologies.
NMICO’ s corporate culture is exemplified by decision-making capacity and long-term customer partnerships.
The superior commitment of the entire workforce to the continuous development process is frequently encouraged by the creation of benchmarks,while employee motivation is characterized by quality consciousness, productivity and innovations. The criticisms and suggestions of the workforce has been symbolized as one of the major factors in NMICO’s success. The interplay of all these factors outcome in a high degree of flexibility and the ability to approach customer needs with individual consulting. Perseverance and targeted solutions, from material selection and further processing.

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